Board and Director Assessment

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I rate our governance as a Board:

We support and accept the organization’s mission:
We review mission statement, policy manual and bylaws regularly.
We abide by the bylaws in all dealings and activities.
We understand the Duties of Care, Loyalty and Honesty.
We have strong Board development strategies, including nominating committee, orientation program, annual planning retreat.
We operate with strong committees who have action plans, reporting procedures and accountability, with appropriate membership and expertise.
We respect and act on the recommendations of committees/task forces.
We develop and achieve short and long range strategic goals.
We sign annual conflict of interest statements.
We have approved an agency whistle blower policy.
We have approved an agency document retention and destruction policy.
We have a board leadership succession plan in place.
We actively advocate for the organization in the community and beyond.
We hold annual self-evaluations.
We review the annual Form 990 before it is filed.
We know, understand and follow all Board policies and ensure timely reporting to local, state, federal regulatory bodies.
We are covered by a Director & Officer Liability policy and know the extent and limitations of the policy.
We confine our activities to policy and governance, not management issues.

I rate our financial management as a BOARD:

We set an achievable and sustainable annual budget.
We require an independent audit or cash review annually.
We set and accept fundraising goals for individual Board members.
Every member of the Board makes an annual personal contribution.
We participate in and support fundraising activities.
We develop and approve a diverse fund development program.

I rate our administrative functions as a BOARD:

We hold effective meetings, following an agenda and timeline.
We have job descriptions for directors and officers.
We review minutes and financial reports at every meeting.
We require written committee reports at every meeting.
We sign annual commitment letters.
We have excellent Staff and Board relationships.
We respect and follow the chain of command in relationships with Staff.
We follow parliamentary procedure.

I rate our human resources management as a BOARD:

We hire and supervise the General Manager only but do not get involved in staff management.
We set annual goals and evaluate the General Manager's performance within agreed upon goals.
We use comparative data to set the General Manager's salary and benefits (per IRS 990).
Things we can do to strengthen the BOARD's governance, financial, and administrative management:

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